Prof. Jason Beechey
Rector, Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden
1. Speaker, Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz
Concept & Leader 4. Biennale AK|T












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Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka
Federal Minister for Education and Research

4th Biennale Dance Education 2014 Dresden

15. – 23. February 2014, Dresden


The theme "Education – Profession_A creative Process" is deep in meaning for me. Even as a dance student, my absolute passion was in helping others to reach their full potential and discovering qualities and abilities in themselves that they were unaware of. I was constantly in the studio, coaching, assisting and rehearsing my own classmates (often to the chagrin of my own School Director!). The transition from being a student to a working professional can be one of the hardest transitions to make. At the same time, a creative process can be one of the most fascinating and rewarding experiences – but also not without great challenges.

My greatest desire for our Biennale, is that through bringing students together in Workshops with Choreographers and having the classes given by Company Directors and Ballet Masters/Assistants, that through living this week as a creative exploration and process, that we will bring all one step closer to closing the gap between what we are trying to do in education and what the Choreographers and Directors are aiming to do in the Professional dance world. That dance, can really move forward, within both the educational and professional worlds – as one entity - as a living creative inspiring process for us all.

I hope this week serves, very much as I how I see my role both as Rector of the Palucca Hochschule, and First Speaker of the AK|T as a catalyst – to bring together people, ideas and elements in an atmosphere where a wonderful creative chemistry can be set alight!



Greeting, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

The Dance Education Biennale is a prestigious forum and esteemed meeting place for teachers and students of the “dance” field. I am therefore particularly pleased that the Biennale has now also been incorporated into the ranks of the federal cultural competitions supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The competition has thus been given a solid basis for the future in agreement with the federal states. Alongside film, visual arts, music and theatre, dance forms an important facet of our rich cultural landscape. Dance knows no language barriers and is thus an internationally understood form of expressivity. This particular characteristic of dance plays a part in the increased attention that the Dance Education Biennale has received internationally.

For the first time, foreign Universities will also be attending the Biennale. With its international trainers and workshop teachers, this event is truly one that builds bridges and connects worlds. From February 15th until 23rd, 2014, the 4th Biennale with the theme Education – Profession_ A creative Process will address the importance of skills acquired during a dancer’s education for their later career.

This year’s Biennale will attempt to formulate the needs of choreographers and ballet directors in the professional dance world. The presentations by various educational institutions on February 17th and 18th 2014 at the Semperoper in Dresden will demonstrate that dance requires great diversity of movement and physical control, can kindle self-confidence and creativity, and is a truly sensual art form capable of captivating audiences. I would like to thank everyone involved for their commitment and wish all of the Dance Education Biennale’s participants new insights, interesting encounters and new impulses for innovative learning, as well as the audience at the public performances a joyful and enriching experience.